Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions,We’ve Got Answers

An InQ (pronounced Ink and meaning “In Queue”) is a time-delayed message that has been sent to some point in the future.

Yes! This is done for everyone’s safety. If a message were sent to a phone number and that phone number changed hands, we would be delivering someone’s private message to another person.

When you get a new mobile device, simply download Incubate: The Time-Delay Messenger again and sign in with your username and password. All your messages will still be there waiting for you

No way! Where’s the fun in that?

You will no longer receive InQs but the messages that you have sent will still be delivered.

If you delete a Friend, you will no longer receive InQs from that user.

InQs are locked for a sender until it hatches for a recipient. This means that that message cannot be retracted.

Yes. You can download them or share them on social media if you would like.

No. They are yours to keep, cherish and share.

Messages hatch for senders and recipients at the same time. This means the message will hatch for everyone when it hatches for the first recipient in his or her time zone.

IMW is a service that helps couples coordinate the use of Incubate: The Time Delay Messenger with their wedding guests and secures their wedding messages into the future.

Every bride in the history of weddings has seemingly said, “My wedding day was a blur!” IMW helps ensure that a vibrant clarity is continually brought to that blur for years to come in the most sentimental way possible.

You and your guests can download the app and send messages for free. However, you will not have the benefit of our automated coordination service leading up to your wedding, the engaging prompts for guests or the repository which will create extra security for your messages.

Your messages will be accessible via the mobile application and also your message repository on

Your guests will have to friend request you on the mobile app and you will have to accept their friend request, or vica-versa, before messages will be delivered.

In the app you can select as many recipients as you would like. This means that you can make the list of recipients as intimate or expansive as you prefer.

By signing up for Incubate My Wedding, your guests will receive automated emails informing them of your desired intentions for them to use Incubate: The Time-Delay Messenger so that you may experience your wedding in the most nostalgic manner possible.

Yes! With IMW, we allow the couple to upload specific moments that they would like captured and we circulate those moments to their wedding guests.

If you need to stop receiving message sent on your wedding day, contact us at [email protected]

We will still send the automated emails to your guests to make them aware of Incubate. We will then send them the message ideas via Incubate 24 hours before the wedding. Since they will have less time to get up to speed, you may want to reach out via an email of your own too.

Your peace of mind is very important to us. That is why we take the unique step of placing a portion of every Incubate My Wedding purchase into a special account which can ONLY be used to cover the costs of safely storing and hosting wedding messages with a reputable third party provider. This means that even if something unforeseen happens to mobile apps in the future, your messages should still be accessible via the Incubate My Wedding message repository that comes with your purchase

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