Never Forget Your Wedding Day

Create your event.  Invite your guests.  Relive the wedding day magic for years.

"It's like Snapchat, but WAY better.  Instead of disappearing, pictures and videos are sent to the FUTURE!" -Capri Kera, Bride

Incubate is now the world's #1 Digital Time Capsule

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How Incubate My Wedding Works

Brides spend 15,000 minutes planning their wedding - give us 3

Incubate: The Digital Time Capsule allows wedding guests to create video & picture messages and send them to exact moments in the future; anniversaries will never be the same!  

Incubate My Wedding: 

1 - Coordinates your guests 

2 - Gives guests great message ideas

3 - Secures future message delivery 

Finally, your wedding experience doesn't have to end in a day - all for only $299. 

What Guests Think of Incubate

Say goodbye to asking your guests to download wedding apps.

Incubate is the world's premier digital time capsule - they'll thank you for it.


If the most disappointing moment of the wedding is the end, then Incubate [My Wedding] aims to continue the celebration for years to come.

~Inside Weddings


Loved By:

The Digital Time Capsule application. With Incubate you can send memories to family and friends to exact dates in the future and they'll pop back up like blasts from the past.