Incubate: The Digital Time Capsule

Your guests use the mobile application Incubate to send you messages to the future,

You use the web service Incubate My Wedding to maximize the wedding experience.

Sender’s Experience:

Sending messages really is this easy for your guests


Messages can be Picture, Video, Text, or Voice


Select any number of recipients


Set to hatch from 1 minute up to 25 years into the future

Recipients’ Experience

Receiving messages really is this much fun for you

Anticipation Builds

These are the most sentimental messages you'll ever receive

Message Hatches

All recipients are reconnected in a live chat


You don't have to keep this moment to yourself - you can share it with everyone

Why Incubate My Wedding?

Because you don’t want your wedding to fade into the past

Coordinate With Your Guests

You’re busier than you could have ever imagined – no worries, we get the word out to your guests.

When you upload your guests’ email addresses, with just a couple of clicks, they get spectacular content like this:

Curate Your Moments

We drop hints to your guests.  You get to pick them.

Curate Your Moments

We drop hints to your guests.  You get to pick them.

Message Security? We’ve Got You Covered

Incubate My Wedding takes extensive measures to secure message delivery for years to come.

Learn more about our process

Your peace of mind is very important to us. That is why we take the unique step of placing a portion of every Incubate My Wedding purchase into a special account which can ONLY be used to cover the costs of safely storing and hosting wedding messages with a reputable third party provider. This means that even if something unforeseen happens to mobile apps in the future, your messages should still be accessible via the Incubate My Wedding message repository that comes with your purchase

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