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A wedding is one of the most important jobs for each person, it is also a moment, a memory of intimacy and friendship. Therefore, the wedding is usually prepared very carefully and meticulously. In addition to decorating the wedding space, the altar of the ancestors on the wedding day, etc., decorating a beautiful wedding backdrop is also an important job. If you have no idea to decorate the wedding backdrop for yourself or your loved ones, then please refer to the ideas below.

What is a wedding backdrop?

A wedding backdrop, also known as the backdrop of the stage, is one of the most important parts of a wedding. When the wedding ceremony takes place (ring exchange, pouring wine, cutting the wedding cake), the full attention of the guests will be on the wedding backdrop as it is the center of the wedding reception area. Therefore, the wedding font needs to be meticulously cared for.

Suggest beautiful wedding backgrounds

Silk wedding backdrop

A silk wedding backdrop is a font chosen by many couples today. The softness of silk creates a feeling of lightness, charm, and ease of decoration. Just a simple white silk curtain or colored silk fabric, gently hanging down is enough to make the wedding space more romantic and eye-catching. Interspersed with flowers (fresh flowers, confetti) will be more eye-catching for this wedding font.

Wedding backdrop with fresh flowers

Decorating the wedding backdrop with fresh flowers is also quite expensive. However, it gives an impression, of elegance and fashion that not all wedding fonts have.

Fresh flowers are indispensable in any wedding. However, decorating the wedding background with fresh flowers is quite expensive but will bring uniqueness and an impression. You can choose from roses, hydrangeas, peonies, lilies, etc. The bride and groom can decorate the bouquet in a bunch or arrange flowers on the entire background.

You can decorate with flowers in bunches or arrange flowers to cover the entire background frame. This depends on the preferences of the bride-groom as well as the main color tone of the wedding theater.

Wedding backdrop decorated with one color tone

Unlike wedding fonts that are decorated in combination, one-tone wedding fonts often use a light and gentle color tone such as: light pink, cream, light blue, … Gives you a feeling of space. Spacious and cozy wedding space.

Curtain wedding backdrops

There are many ways to decorate the wedding backdrop, you can try with curtains. Curtains with thin chiffon fabric, or curtains plaited from parachute cords will bring a delicate and elegant stage space to your wedding.

Wedding backdrop in wooden canvas style

The backdrop is wooden slats stacked vertically, creating a wooden wall. Decorated on it are single-color led strips or bunches of fresh flowers with elegant color fonts that will create a perfect background.

The material of this background decoration pattern is wooden pallets, for wedding spaces in rustic style.

Wedding backdrop with green plants

If you love nature, you can not ignore the wedding fonts with green plants. You can combine it completely with green leaves with glitter lettering or use fresh flowers and green leaves to decorate the background with silk fabric to create a feeling of lightness and elegance.

Today, wedding backdrops are very rich, and diverse in materials and colors. But most customers like to decorate their own wedding font in their own way. Surely, a beautiful wedding backdrop will bring an impression to the party as well as fun for the bride – groom and family. A beautiful wedding backdrop will help you save the most beautiful and meaningful moments of the biggest event in this life.

Notes and tips to have a beautiful wedding backdrop

After learning about the types of wedding fonts on the market, we need to have more notes to use the right type of wedding font for the family. 

1. Select the font type suitable for the feature to use

It is necessary to base on the specific needs of the bride and groom to choose the font size to match the size of the place where the background is placed.

2. Note about the location of the wedding font selection
You should choose a comfortable, spacious space suitable for setting the wedding backdrop. If you have a large area, you should choose a hard backdrop for decoration, if you have a small area, choosing a silk font might be a good idea

3. Consistent with the overall aesthetic
You should choose a background that is in harmony with the main tone of the wedding, creating an overall aesthetic. Avoiding the colors that are too different from each other will not create eye-catching, on the contrary, it will also make the attendees feel uncomfortable.

4. Note on the budget for backdrops
You should set a cost for the backdrop to ensure that you get a satisfactory background but still match the cost you have set.


Above, are some beautiful wedding backdrop templates that many couples love. Hope the couples will find a background according to their preferences and suitable for their party space. Weddings only happen once, make everything perfect.

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