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On the most important day of your life, you will have to surround yourself with friends, and family cannot miss the dog. Weddings with dogs are becoming more and more frequent, in which they also have an active and obvious part, as part of the family attending the celebration. However, we know that a dog does not always follow etiquette, so we must know how to have a dog at the wedding.
The dogs at the wedding can be a nice touch, as they are part of our family and we want a memory to remain in which they are also present. That is why more and more weddings are being held in which dogs are present. But we’ll take a look at some tips to make things go well that day.

What role will the dog play?

If we’re going to take our dog to a wedding, it’s because we want him to meet us, but not all dogs prepare for such a stressful day and behave well for hours. without doing something spontaneous. When we walk our dogs, we know they will do things that aren’t scripted, which is also a good thing, because dogs, like children, improvise and are completely natural, taking their seriousness seriously. ceremony. However, we must think about the role that the dog will have in the wedding. This will depend on how educated we are and how easy it is to train. This must be decided in advance because planning the wedding and ceremony how to give the dog a place in it, in addition to training it to behave well during this period.

The American Kennel Club offers the following tips for bringing dogs to your wedding:

  • Pup of Honor – He can go down the aisle with the wedding party and then sit with them during the ceremony. If at all possible, keep him on a leash; be creative and design it to match your wedding theme.
  • Flower Dog – She has the ability to carry a flower basket in her mouth as the flower girl sprinkles petals. Make sure the flowers are safe and harmless for canines if she sneaks a sample.
  • Ring Bearer — Because your dog lacks opposable thumbs or pockets, you’ll have to use a ribbon to tie the rings to his collar or acquire a custom-made ring holder.
  • Distinguished Guests – Put your dog in the front row, preferably with someone he knows, if he is better suited to a quieter, more restricted position.


This is a delicate time because the dog must be trained to do what we want. We won’t lose much if our dog is intelligent and gentle, but we may pay a little more if he is autonomous and has his own set of standards. We have to resort to active training while training it, giving him knickknacks to perform what we desire. We’ll give you a gift if you succeed. You must repeat the process as many times as necessary until you receive no compensation.

If he is only staying for the ceremony, we must put his patience to the test by allowing him to remain still and calm without barking or worrying. This is always preferable after exercise because the dog will be less agitated and more relaxed. We could have to practice walking with the hoops if we put a mattress on it if we were planning to take him to the ceremony. This is only for dogs who are well-trained and obedient.

Experiment with the dog

It is recommended to perform certain movements with the dog at the location of the wedding. This guarantees that the dog is familiar with the environment and smells of the location and will not be distracted on that particular day. There will be a lot of guests and distractions on the wedding day, and this must be kept in mind because not everything will go as planned. It’s crucial to keep telling the dog what to do at the wedding until it comes naturally. You’ll remember your order and be able to avoid distractions on your wedding day if you do it this way.

Wedding venue

Obviously, if we want to bring the dog to the wedding, the ceremony will have to take place outside because most churches do not allow pets. As a result, if we want our dog to attend the wedding ceremony, it must be at another location. A wedding with dogs is often informal, so if the weather permits, it is advisable to do the event overseas. There is also the dog in a beautiful natural setting where we all feel at ease.

Wedding day

It is critical for the dog to feel relaxed on the wedding day. Because the bride and groom will be preoccupied with preparations, it’s preferable to entrust the dog’s care to someone you trust the day before and the day of the wedding. He or she should take the dog for a walk before the ceremony, especially if the dog is young or nervous since this will help the dog to burn energy and be more relaxed during the ceremony. You must return it to its owner to prevent the concern from growing. Dogs are incredibly perceptive, and they will know that it is a special day and that everyone is more apprehensive than usual, so they may become agitated as well. It is critical that the individual be calm and know how to be calm at all times. Also, we should always provide water for the dog and a quiet area for it to sit during the ceremony. For peace of mind, the curator should take him for regular walks away from the event.

Let the dogs improvise

We must constantly leave room for creativity while working with dogs. Although not all photographs taken with them will be flawless and may disturb the ceremony, those of us who own dogs understand that this is part of what makes them so wonderful. It’s an act of spontaneity that everyone enjoys. After all, it’s about spending time with a cherished pet, friends, and family on a special day.

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